What To Do If You Are The Victim Of Cyber Bullying

If You Are The Victim of a Cyberbully What Can Be Done Now?:

 Don’t reply to messages from cyberbullies -even though you may really want to, this is exactly what cyberbullies want. They want to know that they’ve got you worried and upset. They are trying to mess with your mind and control you, to put fear into you. Don’t give them that pleasure. Do not keep this to yourself!

You are NOT alone and you did NOT do anything to deserve this! Tell an adult you know and trust! Inform your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or cell phone/pager service provider Inform your local police.

 Do not erase or delete messages from cyberbullies -You don’t have to read it, but keep it, it is your evidence. You may unfortunately get similar messages again, perhaps from other accounts. The police and your ISP, and/or your telephone company can use these messages to help you.

You might notice certain words or phrases that are also used by people you know. These messages may reveal certain clues as to who is doing this to you, but don’t try and solve this on your own, remember, tell an adult you know and trust.

GET HELP! Protect yourself -Never arrange to meet with someone you met online unless your parents go with you. If you are meeting them make sure it is in a public place.

You may need to delete your current e-mail accounts, cell phone/pager accounts and set up new ones. I am working with the Canadian Telecommunications Service Providers to support you in making such changes at no cost to you.

If your cyberbullying problems persist, I would recommend that you do this as soon as possible, unless you are working with the police and your Telecommunications Provider to keep the account(s) active to try and catch the cyber bully

If you are more technically inclined, you can do a little cyber-sleuthing of your own to provide the police and your Telecommunications Provider with more information, but NEVER try and meet someone personally who you suspect might be the cyber-bully This is best left in the hands of the legal authorities.

 If you receive and unsolicited harassing e-mail message from a cyber-bully, you can often use your mouse to right-click on the header of the offending message and choose the “Options” section of the menu. This will often reveal greater details about the message and where it came from. 


 You can then look at the root-domain of the sender, which in this case is the fictitious “cyberbully.hurt”. You can then go to do a “WHOIS” search with a domain name registration company such as CIRA if the last two letters of the cyberbullies e-mail address end in .ca (this means it is a Canadian domain name and was registered in Canada). If the last letters are something other than .ca, such as .com, .org, .net etc. you can do a “WHOIS” search internationally with,

 This Web site was been established to provide the public information regarding Internet domain name registration services and is updated frequently.  The “WHOIS” search will often provide information as to who owns the domain name, and their contact information. Share this information with your local police and your telecommunications or Internet service provider. You can also use software to help protect and/or find out who is sending you harassing messages. DOES NOT OFFICIALLY ENDORSE the products:: eMailTrackerPro — allows you to track Internet e-mails back to the IP Address of the sender, with country/region results displayed on a World map. Provides tight hyperlink integration with VisualRoute, allowing full Internet traces on demand.
McAfee Parental Controls -offers chat filtering protection for both instant messaging and chat rooms. Your child won’t be exposed to unsuitable discussion or send personal information inadvertently Security Soft has developed a new product – Predator Guard – that scans all text on the computer screen, in any software program (Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, or any IM application), “notices” when that text could be threatening to the user’s well-being, and ends the IM or chat session if the user tells it to.
The software also captures and logs “violations” – messages that contain language a sexual predator would use – for use as evidence by law enforcement. The product that allows it to do these things: 1) a “library” or database of about 250 terms and phrases typically used by sexual predators or pedophiles (e.g., “Are you home alone?”) when they’re trying to engage chatroom participants and 2) technology that monitors, detects, and logs that text, checking it against the database.
 If you are receiving harassing messages from cyber bullies through Web-based mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc., it becomes very difficult to trace such accounts as You may have to delete your current e-mail account and start a new one.

Tell only a select few people you trust about your new e-mail account when, and if you choose to reestablish one.  If you are receiving harassing messages from cyber bullies through Instant Messaging (IM) software such as ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger etc. such programs usually have a “Block”, “Ignore” or “Ban” feature.

Use this feature to try and “Block”, “Ignore or “Ban” the cyber bullies If you are the victim of a cyber bully who has set up and Web site that is defaming, or mocking you, contact the Internet Service Provider and inform them about what is happening, also inform the police. Use the “WHOIS” search tool to help you in the manner describe above.

If this is a large Web hosting company, it may take a long time to get a response and a promise of action. ISPs are often very reluctant to act in such cases. Unfortunately, some people have only received a response, or seen such cyberbullying Web sites taken down after the threat of legal action. is trying to work with the Canadian telecommunications Industry to act in a more responsive, proactive way.

50 Responses to “What To Do If You Are The Victim Of Cyber Bullying”

  1. Eugene says:

    Nice article. Thanks. :) Eugene

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  3. Matt says:

    thak you

  4. Avoca School District 37 Student Blog » Blog Archive » Cyber Bulling Should Stop Before it Stops You! says:

    [...] though and then what we should do? Children bullied should seek help (For more info visit this link. What victims can do) Not only should all that pressure be on the victims though but also on friends, family, and the [...]

  5. Melody says:

    My (used to be my friends)were on my facebook talking to me. They were talking to me at the same time because they were at 1 of theirs house. One of them called me a bad word. So i said it back. One of them used to be my boyfriend and he called me but the other boy was talking to me. They were calling me names and insulting me. They were stalking me on facebook by going on someone elses facebook. When I was crying the mimicked me and laughed at me. They kept calling and calling and calling. Soon my mom answered the phone. She said knock the crap off. They called one more time then they stopped. It really scared me. I agree to talk to an adult. Do they go to juvinille though?

  6. Nina p says:

    I am getting cyber bullied by someone, u dont know who, but I think it’s this girl that was in my 4th grade class, haneen. And she sent me things the really hurt me, 5 times! But it may be this know it all ex friend “lily” or another girl “Allie”!! But my dad Is with security and so he can find out who sent me the email by the email address!tip for kids: you may feel like your life us over, but it’s not…u just need to talk to a friend who understands u, or a parent or guardian. Dont try to commit suicide, dont have the thoughts either, because the more you do, the more it hurts, cry if you need to, but don’t do something stupid like drug urself or something…have happy thoughts and know that that person who hurt you, is in trouble and you are in good hands with friends and family!!you did the right thing telling a parent, and don’t feel guilty.

  7. Nina p says:

    I mean someone I don’t know

  8. esanj2 says:

    Well a couple days ago i was on my stardoll account and there were some random people ( who live in Pakistan) started swearing at me for no REASON! So i decided that DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS YOU DONT KNOW OR THEY WILL DO THE SAME THING! if u know any tips pls tell me

  9. el pene mas gradne del mundo says:

    ay chikititos me los voy a echar y luego los matare ate pene grandote

  10. jessica powell says:

    i say you tell someone a parent teacher or a really good friend

  11. Djin says:

    My cousin at the moment is a victim of cyber bullying, this is her fight, what should she do, I want to help her, she cries and worries constantly, its being done in the most public online service. What should I tell her to do. All the comments are up in that site still I told her go to the principal and tell your school admin. What else can she do?

  12. Rimi says:

    Hiii we have tenants in our home and they always messed up our home so I just said her about this and we exchanged words and they moved to another place and now she posting weird stuff about me … Calling me psycho and many other things ..i have taken a screenshot of that facebook page aswell… I just. Want to know that should I approach police… Because as it is a matter of self esteem…..


  13. Julia says:

    Just Today like Minutes ago i was on and while i was hoping it would cure my bordness i asked for the password to broadcast and they said stuff like im stupid and retarted (i have a cousin with down syndrome) and all this other stuff. it always happens to me on their so i replied “Jesus christ calm down” no reply after so idk i have no idea who these people are and it upsets me. Alot.

  14. Jalexy says:

    im getting bullied by one of my ex – bestfriend . shes calling me fake and a lot of other names and bumping into me when im at the mall with my friends . i act like i dont care what she says but deep inside i cry when i get home cause i didnt do NOTHING to deserve this . i was always nice to her . and now im afraid to go to school cause all of my “true friends” turned on me so basicly everybody hates me . I dont know what to do everytime i go on my facebook she makes another status about me . i just wanna kill my self . so everybody would be happy . :/

  15. Emilie Jane x says:

    Jalexy you need to tell someone about this if it’s still going on. If you don’t soon enough you won’t be able to take it anymore and you’ll up doing something violently abusive to yourself. I know it happened to me once except I didn’t do nothing at the time since I didn’t know it was bullying. It go really bad so eventually I had to just carry on in my life the way it was unfortunately. If you can’t talk to any of the adults that you know why don’t you talk to some that you don’t know like Childline or The Samaritans or Bully Busters. They’ll do something for sure. I hope this helps you…

  16. Emilie Jane x says:

    By the way everyone if you need to call someone I would recommend Bully Busters. The number is: 0800 169 6928. The website is Help is nothing but a phone all away :) xxx

  17. Lucy says:

    This helped me with everything, thanks!


  18. jess says:

    i just got bullyed by a girl because i was friends with her boyfriend. i didnt want him as a boyfriend, he was just a really good friend but i HAD to breack up the friendship or self sh was going to HUNT ME DOWN AND KILL ME SLOWLY AND WITHOUT MERSY. i am really really scared! she called me an it. [a he/she]
    she said it like this ” Piss off asshole no one wants you here you would be better off DEAD. now why dont you go play ith yourself?”
    what schold i do? i dont have anyone i can really trust. what can i do? should i cut my self just so i can feel better? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. lasy crazy says:

    don’t cut yourself tell you parents or a friend

  20. KatGirlWants2Help says:

    Don’t repeat or forward any messages
    Don’t seek revenge and cyber-bully back
    Talk to a trusted adult or contact a local victim service provider.
    Keep a record of incidents in case the situation escalates and law enforcement needs to intervene.

  21. ninjaCHICKEN says:

    dont bully people cos it hurts their feelings and makes them feel really bad and 20 kids every year commit suicide cos of cyber bullying. and if you cyber bully somebody you probs have no life so just stop it.

  22. Kim says:

    Listen Kids you might be surprised at the kind of help you might get if you to a school administrator, a officer who works with kids and you can print and show anyone what these people are saying. You can talk to your parents… but please don’t kill yourself or hurt yourself because then they win. If you reply they win. If you react they win. Remember that you hurt yourself , you respond, they win. Go to a trust worthy adult, a parent, a teacher, a officer just take them the proof. You just might be happy with the end game. BUT DO NOT LET THEM WIN.Hold your head up high and laugh because your smarter then that..

  23. Katie says:

    I had this so called “friend” who was geting mad at me for nothing. She said something really mean ( I will not Repeat that langue. And then the today (the day after) She asked to come over to my house with a friend like nothing ever happened. I told her no because I have church. Then she said whatever so I said bye. Then she said bye *****. Then she texted me again calling me a loser. I dont know what to do! She is my friend on Facebook… Should I delete my facebook and make a new one, and change my number!!!!?? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Katie says:

    She also started posting stuff on Facebook about me without saying its about me. But I get really mad and I go punch random things in my backyard. I AM SO ANGRY AT THIS THIS — Person!

  25. i have been cyber bullied and what should i do

  26. Morgan says:

    I was in austin and i took pictures with my cousin and put them on instagram and these boys put it on facebook and they said were your botty and alot of people put mean coments thanks for this article im going to let my parents know when they get home

  27. Instafreak says:

    I need the password to this RAR file but i dont know it and i dont have an RAR password cracker. Its an instagram bot if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  28. lovely bug says:

    hey you guys iv’e been cyber bullied it was not fun but i will vist after school im the help doctor if you need me ill be there to help you out.


  29. lovelybug says:

    hey you guys iv’e been cyber bullied it was not fun but i will vist after school im the help doctor if you need me ill be there to help you out.


  30. lovelybug says:

    hey my name is lovelybug whats up yall im her to help you today to do my best to be the best i will help you today call this number if needed help or want to talk about poblems open after four every weekday closed 7:30 on weekends open 10:00 to 8:55

  31. lovelybug says:

    Number is 302 482 9773

  32. michelle says:

    She should tell an adult like a parent or a teacher about it.

  33. michelle says:

    Bullys are trying to mess with your mind to get you scared of them.

  34. michelle says:

    Kids are not alone by being bullyed.

  35. makayla says:

    One time I got bullied at school and kids called me names and said I was ugly.

  36. Habib says:

    i have been bullied at every school that i went to and i am now going to my 4th.
    i have been abused physically and mentally.
    i get called names every day and my friends always turn on me, i hate it.
    What should i do………………?

  37. teresa love says:

    i have been bully on facebook it not nice at all it nasty have any else been bully on facebook before it not just me been bully on some one else been bully to on facebook it need to stop now thank you they are going to pay what they done me it not far at all it nasty my friend turn on me do what i do about it it not nice at all i got no friend a all because of it ot need to stop now they going to pay what they done me to bully it nasty i was block twice for some thing that i didn’t do if people got a problem with me just say it to my face it not nice at all it got to have friend but i haven’t got any friend a all i am fed up of it i am trying to make friend

  38. Tanya(: says:

    here lads, just do what the steps rite there^^^ tell u to do :) … Don’t listen to them, if u know rightly u done nothing and don’t deserve to be treated that way , just tell an adult or a friend :) .. the bully will get bored one day and stop!:)<3

  39. jarooooood says:

    im getting bullied by my girlfriend chloe becaue she tells me im not good enough ):

  40. Kyle says:

    i am getting cyber bullyed on facebook because of a picture i posted :(

  41. Kymberley Page says:

    Kyle have you spoken to anyone about it? maybe you need to talk to someone at school?

  42. Kymberley Page says:

    That doesn’t sound too healthy?

  43. Kymberley Page says:

    Counseling is what helped me. Turning the ugliness of abuse into something beautiful through art has helped me too. I do a lot of art therapy. Art journaling is very helpful for me. I write down all the ugly words that I am feeling then I cover it up with pretty paintings ;) it may sound silly but it helps me. Lots of counseling – They can teach you tools and skills to use when ugly people hurt you.

    I hope things get better for you.

  44. hayes man says:

    my girl friend use to say he wanted to brake my hand but i am a big guy. then he stared to say mean and very harsh things to my friends and i told him to back off but he still does.

  45. hayes man says:

    he said all these things on face book but i dont have face book

  46. Hayes man says:

    He has stopped. I talk to him in a demanding way and it worked

  47. I play guitar and planning on learning drums, i just want to learn a new instrument then maybe learn bass afterwards. Im more of a guitar guy though. Im just wondering how hard would it be to learn drums, i taught myself how to play guitar and im not to bad and ive only been playing for less then a year. Should I just go buy a cheap drum set to start with?

  48. zury says:

    thanks this really helped !!!!!!


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