Cyber-Bullying Citations Issued For Facebook Hate Page

Cyber-Bullying Citations Issued For Facebook Hate Page

We aren't hearing much about cyberbullying these days since Gun Control has taken over the media waves these days.  I think it is important to remember that bullying and cyberbullying can lead to shootings if not stopped.  It seems El Paso and D-49 take Cyber-Bullying seriously.  A hate page on Facebook only made it a couple of days and less than a couple hundred people before it was pulled and criminal charges filed.

 Falcon School District 49 will host Stand Up. Speak Out., a concert to end bullying, Aug. 17 at Security Service Field. The event takes a proactive approach to prevent bullying and promote a positive, safe and compassionate culture for students and families in El Paso County.

Hopefully if more and more communities take a stand as strong as this, then kids will see the damage and the consequenses of their actions and we will start to see more of a decline in this type of hateful and hurtful crime.

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