An ache in my heart…..


A bittersweet return

to writing on

Cyber Bullying

Some would say that writing for a kids blog would be great fun and it is very rewarding in many ways but it is also very bittersweet.  When I returned to writing I set up my Google alerts to send me all news stories each morning related to cyber-bullying so that i would have topics to write about.  Surprisingly, I only found old stuff at first, then BAM! a media explosion and we are back in the midst of a Anti-Bullying frenzy, I am not sure what happened and I am not quite sure if it's good or bad news for the Forces against CyberBullying.

Was the rest of the world sleeping last year too?  Just not paying attention to the problem with all the other stuff going on in the media? and now that we have been desensitized to the political crises of the moment we can go back to important stuff like interpersonal relationships?



Here are just some of  today's Anti-Bullying stories out there


Victim's family backs 'cyber-bullying' bill
Baltimore Sun Jon S. Cardin, is a response to the use of social media to take schoolyard bullying to a new level where it follows victims home and — in an age of smartphones — everywhere they go. Cardin told the committee that over half of today's students have


Bullying claims many victims
Philadelphia Inquirer
While the prosecutor wouldn't cite bullying in Bailey's death, his parents say they are sure that is what happened. Rob O'Neill said his son told him that one boy pushed him into another boy who punched him. Days later, Bailey became sluggish and


Limbless man shares anti-bullying message with Utah students
SALT LAKE CITY — A world-renowned motivational speaker brought his message against bullying to students across Utah Thursday. Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. Growing up in Australia, he never faced physical abuse; but the harsh words he


Florida School for the Deaf and Blind takes anti-bullying stand
First Coast News
"Some people get the misconception that bullying is something physical," said student Chance Jackson. "But there's cyber bullying, like being bullied through text messages, Facebook and Twitter, and even isolation, not letting someone be around you for


BULLYING: Forms of threat range from verbal to physical
Valley morning Star
The student is being called names. The youth is shoved against lockers, attacked on the Internet and the target of malicious rumors. The “Focus on Bullying” handbook in today's paper describes how bullying makes a student feel. He or she is scared,


North Gresham Elementary fights bullying with a weeklong program
Anti-bullying assembly at North Gresham Elementary Fourth- and fifth-graders in the choir at North Gresham Elementary introduce an anti-bullying program, wearing pink shirts as they sing the "The Firecracker Song," which includes ideas of self-worth.


No bullies: Bay County's Pinconning schools to unveil app for that
The Saginaw News
Developer Paul McMullen, an Olympic middle distance runner touched by the personal loss of a bullied teenager, will visit the Pinconning middle school to promote the app he's developed. It's already arming schoolchildren in Dexter, Pinckney, Grand


This was just a select few stories today.  One thing to keep in mind is that there seems to be an inspirational take-away from each of these.  Let's continue to find the Sweetness, the Silver Lining, The Sunny Side of the Slope!  Let's seek out opportunities to SHINE!  

Light shines in darkness – let it spread!


just me – kp

PS…. I am adding a google alert for happy thoughts –

if you have any to share I would love to hear them!

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