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Dissecting CyberBullying


Cyberbullying is a significant problem that can be stopped in its tracks if the right kind of actions are taken at the right time. It is a form of violence where the perpetrator doesn’t realize the magnitude of the damage they’re doing, and the victim has troubling finding their voice to speak against it. Cyberbullying can cause a plethora of problems for young adolescents, however, it is not something that cannot be contained and dealt with. Mobistealth sat down with Dr. Justin W. Patchin, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center to talk about the issue at hand. Dr. Patchin is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, he’s authored several books outlining how to deal with cyberbullying. In this interview he talks to Mobistealth about the steps that both parents and teachers can take to ensure that the teens attached to them develop in a positive environment, free of cyberbullying. –


Source: Mobistealth


What can you do about Cyberbullying

There is a free Cyberbullying E-book for kids here on that continues to be in our top 5 downloads of all time.  Talk with your kids about cyberbullying, be involved in the internet experiences from the beginning.  Keep the computer in a high traffic area of your home and check your kids cell phone often.  Being the Parent and Protector can make kids feel like they are "in prison" but if you do it from a safety aspect about protecting them from Cyberbullying, and come in with knowledge about the internet and what sites they are visiting and appear to have more knowledge than them about internet safety, you may just earn their respect.  It will take some homework on your part but good communication with your kids about bullying in general and cyberbullying is priceless and worth the effort. 

There is a category on Kidsafe just for Cyber-bullying with lots of information and advice for parents and kids for the victims of cyberbullying and even the bullies themselves. 


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