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Children’s Educational Network (CEN) is a software company developing and marketing a fully integrated suite of Internet software products that empowers parents to provide children a safe platform and meaningful tools to accelerate their children’s education, entertainment, and exploration of the "Information Superhighway" free from hate, violence, pornography and online predators. Club TUKI ( is the newest web site community for kids designed to teach them how to be safe and responsible internet citizens. Kids play educational games, learn about internet safety, earn TUKI Moola for their efforts, and have a chance to win real stuff in an auction!

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Dare to take the challenge?!

Positive Affirmations

Dare to take the challenge?!

Positive Affirmations

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Understanding Self-Love

Know the dangers of a lack of self-love. A lack of self-love can lead you to make harmful choices. A lack of self-love often equates to a lack of self-worth that leads to conscious or unconscious self-sabotage and prevents individuals from advocating for their own basic needs.

  • Lack of self-love can lead to a harmful dependence on others for validation. Relying on others for validation often leads people to set aside their own needs in order to gain others’ approval.
  • Lack of self-love can also prevent emotional healing and progress; one study showed that individuals who engage in self-blame and ignoring themselves had poorer outcomes in psychotherapy.

Recognize the importance of childhood experiences to loving yourself. Parent-child relationships have lifelong effects on character development; children who did not have physical, emotional, and mental needs met may have lasting problems with low self-esteem.

  • Negative messages received in childhood—particularly recurring messages—often stick in an individual’s mind and color their self-perceptions later in life.
  • For example, a child who is told that she is “dull” or “boring” will likely think that she is dull or boring as an adult, even if there is evidence to the contrary (such as having many friends, making people laugh, or living an interesting lifestyle).

Understand how parents can support self-esteem. Parents can follow the following advice to improve their children’s feelings of self-worth:

  • Listen to your children; it increases their self-worth.
    • It can be easy to “tune-out” a child who talks a lot, not really listening to what she is saying. However, if you really listen to her and interact with her by asking her follow-up questions and responding to her words, she will feel that you value what she has to say.
  • Teach children in a non-aggressive way (without hitting, yelling, or shaming) to stabilize their feelings of self-worth.
    • For example, if your child hits another child, you can pull him to the side and calmly tell him that he shouldn’t hit other children because it can hurt them. If necessary, you can have him take a short break to breathe and collect himself before returning to play.
  • Offer children warmth, affection, support, and respect without judgment to make children feel worthy of love and acceptance.
    • If your child tells you that he is sad about something that seems silly to you (like the sun going down), do not dismiss his feelings. Acknowledge his feelings by saying “I understand that you are sad that the sun went down. Then do your best to explain why the situation cannot be changed by saying something like, “The sun has to go down every night because the world is turning and the people on the other side of the Earth need to get sunshine too. It also gives us the opportunity to rest and get ready for the next day.” Finally, offer a hug or other physical affection to comfort your child and help him feel that you empathize with him, even if you cannot change the situation.

Understand the effects of outside comments on self-love. You will encounter negativity in your life. Self-love cannot be practiced in a bubble, without the influence of outside comments and potential negativity. As such, you must learn to deal with negativity from your partner, your boss, your parents, or even strangers on the street.

  • You can empower yourself to let such negativity roll off of you without allowing it to change your feelings of self-worth.



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