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Google Glass: I Have Better Things to Do With $1,500

My biggest concern about Glass is that I’m not convinced it’s the best form of wearable technology. I like the idea of having the Internet accessible all the time, but I’m not so sure I want to be wearing a monitor on my forehead.


How to Protect Against the Heartbleed Security Flaw (Slideshow)

First, don’t panic. This is a serious problem but you need to put it into perspective. While there is clearly a vulnerability, there are so far no reports of the flaw being exploited. And even though this flaw has been around for the past two years, almost all the major sites have fixed it — in some cases, in the last few days.


The Evolution of Online Safety: Lessons Learned Over 20 Years

Over time it became increasingly obvious that some of the biggest risks to kids came not from dangerous adults but from themselves and other kids.


Those Tech Buses Impact Silicon Valley As Well As San Francisco

I have mixed feelings when I see those mostly double-deck buses on Highway 101 shuttling tech workers between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Based on a recent survey, so do San Francisco voters.


New Animation Site Lightheartedly Celebrates Cesar Chavez

John Grimes, a San Francisco-based cartoonist, animator, illustrator and moviemaker has recently launched the site which he describes as a place for "amusing and provocative quotes, cartoons, videos and backstories."


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