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Feel as Beautiful as You Are

Did you know that ONLY 4% of women worldwide think they’re beautiful? Can you believe that statistic? It’s crazy! What’s even crazier is that most damage to a woman’s self-esteem is done by family and friends. We’ve all experienced it before: our brother or friend will make fun of us in a joking way. We’ll […]


Parents taking extreme action against cyber bullies

Share   THOUSANDS of anxious parents are hiring private investigators to track down anonymous bullies who terrorise and stalk their children on Facebook and other social networks.     Fed up with a lack of action from schools and police, parents are paying up to $800 a day to have cyber-security experts confront the bullies, […]


Let’s Define Bully

Share    Defining Bullying Down Let's define Bully    THE March 3 death of Bailey O’Neill,a 12-year-old boy in Upper Darby, Pa., was widely attributed to bullying, based on allegations that a classmate hit the boy in the face in January. He suffered a concussion, his family said, and eventually seizures. Bullying was also the headline […]


An ache in my heart…..

Share  A bittersweet return to writing on Cyber Bullying Some would say that writing for a kids blog would be great fun and it is very rewarding in many ways but it is also very bittersweet.  When I returned to writing I set up my Google alerts to send me all news stories each morning […]


Anti-bullying Bill Gets Big Media Coverage thanks to Ray Rice!

Share  Ravens running back Ray Rice sent written testimony to the General Assembly in support of a bill against cyber bullying proposed by Baltimore County Del. Jon Cardin, the Baltimore Sun reported. Although he will be unable to attend a House of Delegates hearing on the bill Thursday, Rice alerted his online fan base that he’s supporting the proposal […]


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