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Parents are #1 Tool in Combating Cyber Bullying

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Parents must be involved
Aug. 24, 2011, 6:34 a.m. EDT
The Reporter

CERTAINLY the topic of children bullying one another is not new; it is perhaps as old as childhood itself.
What is new, and confounding, is the utilization of various electronic communication programs by children. The programs present new challenges [...]


Kids Live Safe: New Program for checking out Sexual Predators

ShareThere are 728,435 RegisteredSex Offenders in the U.S.

Search, Map and View Sex Offender Profiles
Receive Alerts of New Sex Offenders in Your Area
Monitor Your home and 3 other locations
Protect Your Children with NetNanny Internet Filter
Recover Your Child with Emergency Response Profiles
Know your City’s True Crime Rate

Does a Sexual Predator live near you?

check out this new website!
About Kids Live [...]


Technology Doesn’t Cause Bullying And — Despite Claims — It Can’t Prevent It

Combating bullying, hatred, bigotry and cruelty is more than just suppressing mean speech; it’s also helping people think differently about others.


How To Stop Bullying


Bullying Statistics / Cyber Bullying Statistics / School Bullying Statistics
If it seems like bullying is getting worst you are probably right. It seems to be happening at earlier ages and with more frequency. How to stop cyber bullying is also on the increase.  Here are some bullying statistics, cyber bullying statistics and school bullying statistics [...]


CNN to Host Week Long Series Focus on Bullying

ShareCNN produces series of articles and shows focused on bullying and how to prevent your child from being a bully – for an entire week on it's website and TV stations across the country.  
The article below is titled "How to Bully Proof Your Kid." has free reports to help you. 

Tune in all this [...]


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